There are a lot of risks associated with The website which is currently running Ads for foldable soccer goal net, is not a legit online store. Aside from the possibility of not receiving your order or receiving an inferior item/wrong product, your credit card info is not safe on the site.

While investigating the website, we found some red flags which indicate the site is fraudulent.

Aside from luring buyers on social media with too good to be true discounts and fake reviews, other red flags worth noting are;

Trustworthiness – 1%

On social media Chicenhames runs Ads for items like soccer goal net, scooter, etc, but on its website it pretends to be a clothing store. This is quite common with scam stores. Upon further investigations, I discovered ‘Mycoloureye co. limited’ is listed as its company name.

Unsurprisingly, Mycoloureye Co Limited has been exposed as a scam company that has lots of fraudulent online stores under its wing. The first result on Google show a warning alert from ‘MalwareTips’.

This Hong Kong based company lure customers with tempting discounts on Facebook Ads, receive payment for products, but fail to deliver the items.

Why should you trust such a site?

In the likelihood that you do receive your order, it would either be a cheap sunglass or scarf.

Identity – 2%

Aside from mentioning the company name, there’s no information about the CEO or founders. The About Us content is thin and vague, not bearing tangible data.

When I checked (a domain checker tool) for who registered the website, the registrar info is hidden. This means the owner has opted for a privacy shield to hide his/her information.

Reliability – 1% has a poor reliability score. The website was only registered on the 8th of March 2024, barely few days. As a result of this, it has no reputation customers can rely on.

Newly registered websites like this one can easily commit fraud as they are not worried about brand image.

Security – 4% passed SSL assessment, it’s secured with Secure Sockets Layer. Customer’s data (credit card info) are encrypted and can’t be stolen or transferred by hackers. However, this data is not protected from insider attack.

There’s a possibility of recurring charges from This could be via –

  • Hidden membership subscription – Some shady online stores deceptively add customers into a membership program during checkout.
  • credit card fraud – The owner of the site could scrape off customers credit card details and use it for unauthorized transactions elsewhere.
  • Double order placed – Customers could get charged twice or thrice for a piece of item. If they’re lucky they could get a refund. Unlucky ones don’t get a refund or the item.

Customer Support – 3%

Aside from the email address ‘’, there’s no other means customers can reach the store. No telephone number, or even an active social media page. This doesn’t look good.

Customers are at the mercy of the merchant. He/she can choose to ignore or respond to their mails. They’ve nothing to lose.

Refund Policy – 0%

Chicenhames boasts of a 14 days return policy and an immediate cancellation option. However, these are mere words that shouldn’t be taken seriously. One common trait with websites that have such low scores is the inability for customers to get a refund.

The merchant would either do the following;

  • Ignore order cancellation request by failing to respond to mails
  • Ask that customers pay a shipping fee whose amount is almost equivalent to the price of the item bought
  • Return only 20% of the money and tell the customer to keep the item

Verdict has a poor trust score, and as such is marked unsafe and risky for online purchase/shopping. Customers who shop from this website would either receive an inferior/wrong product or nothing at all. There’s also a possibility of recurring charges from the site which could be as a result of hidden membership subscription, credit card fraud or duplicate orders.

If you’ve already shopped from the site before reading this, here’s what you should do;

First thing first, contact the merchant and request to cancel your order. If this request isn’t granted, you should proceed with the next step;

Inform your financial provider of the fraudulent transaction and request for a chargeback. If it’s possible, they’d be able to revert the charge and recover the amount. If it isn’t possible, you should count your loss and move on.

Monitor your bank statement. I always advise everyone to do this, whether you’ve shopped from an untrustworthy merchant or not. By monitoring your bank statement, you’d be quick to detect unknown charges and request for a credit freeze.

However, if you can’t bear the thought of being dubiously charged by in the future, you should immediately cancel your credit card and request for a new one.

NB – You can use the above method I used in investigating to find out if a website is scam or legit.

Meanwhile, if you’ve any questions you can out to me on my Facebook page.

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By Judith Davidson

I am Judith Davidson, a Cyber Security Professional. I am the founder, Investigator and Author of I started working as a Cyber Fraud Researcher in 2019 when I saw lots of people falling victims to fraudulent websites pretending to sell disinfectants, masks and wipes during the Covid19 pandemic. Since then, I've saved millions of people from online scams.

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