Over the past few weeks, I’ve come across lots of Ads on YouTube and Facebook about a $6400 subsidy health benefit from the government. Being a US resident, I was sure as hooked, especially as search results online didn’t show any personal experience applying for the subsidy.

Curious, I decided to take that leap of faith. Is it really legit or is there something shady behind the offer? In this article, I shared my experience applying for the $6400 Subsidy and how it ended up being a terrible decision.

Application Process

I Clicked on an Ad on YouTube which says the government is giving out $6400 to Americans below 65 years, for gas, groceries, and rent. The link on the Ad led me to a website ‘reliefgurucenter.com’

The application process involved me filling details about my name, education level, qualifications, and income. After which I was given an Agent’s number to call for the final process of receiving the subsidy card.

Interestingly, when I called the number the person on the other end wasn’t a government official but someone working with insurance company.

I called 4 times. The first time they set me up with Ambetter. The second time I called they set me up with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The third time was with Aetna CVS.

They were all trying to sell me insurance policies.

Did It Work?

My application for the $6400 subsidy wasn’t successful because it’s not a real or legit subsidy from the government. It is a fake offer from Insurance brokers trying to add me into a shady insurance plan.

These brokers -which I’ll call scammers – often use AI generated videos of celebrities like Joe Biden, Joe Regan, Steve Harvey, Andrew Tate, etc on various social media Ads.

When you look closely, you can see their lips don’t match what the voice is saying. Then they coerce people to ‘Hurry and Apply’ because the claim is ending soon. If you fall for the bait, you’d be led into an insurance scam.

Solution for Victims

If unlike me, you fell for the subsidy scam, here are steps to take to put an end to the fraud;

  • Contact the marketplace (the insurance company you were registered under) immediately and find out if there’s an application for you.
  • If there’s, request for the broker’s name and the NPN (National Producer Number). It’s the broker’s licensed number.
  • Go to your state’s department of insurance and make a formal complaint. You’d have to submit the broker’s name, their NPN and all your information.

By doing this, the broker would get their license revoked, be suspended or have to pay a fine.

Bottom Line

I hate to burst your bubbles, but I’ve to tell you the truth; the $6400, $1,400, or $5400 subsidies are all a scam. The Ads you see online are created by shady Insurance brokers trying to sell you Medicare crap. You would’nt get a dime, even after waiting for weeks or months even.

Moreover, these subsidies have been debunked by various news outlet – Reuters, news.trendmicro, etc. My personal experience also proves it is a scam. In some cases, it’d be labelled ‘Stimulus Check’ ‘Health Benefits Grants’ etc. It’s just scam tactics.

Usa.gov has this to say ”The government does not offer free money or grants to people for personal needs.” If you need access to federal assitance programs, you can check on; Benefits.gov, GovLoans.gov or Grants.gov.

As stated on the Usa.gov website ”Each program has its own eligibility rules, application process, and deadlines”

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By Judith Davidson

I am Judith Davidson, a Cyber Security Professional. I am the founder, Investigator and Author of Snoopviews.com. I started working as a Cyber Fraud Researcher in 2019 when I saw lots of people falling victims to fraudulent websites pretending to sell disinfectants, masks and wipes during the Covid19 pandemic. Since then, I've saved millions of people from online scams.

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