Loadtweak.xyz claims to help you gain access to real location of Snapchat users, their best friend list, privately saved pictures, and last 10 chats.

However, the website comes with a lot of risks and might actually offer zero value to whoever uses the platform.

Here’s what you need to know about Loadtweak.xyz, and why it’s flagged unsafe for use.

What is Loadtweak.xyz?

Loadtweak.xyz snaptriod is a website that promises privacy access to Snapchat profiles. Launched in September 2023, the website has a simplistic design with no other page aside from the homepage.

Meanwhile, there’s no proof available on the site that shows its features actually works. When we took a close look at the website we noticed the following red flags;

  • It isn’t secured with SSL encryption
  • No owner information
  • Illegal features

Not Secured with SSL Encryption

Your data isn’t safe on loadtweak.xyz. When you visit the site, the URL link says ‘Not Secured’. What this means is that it isn’t secured with SSL encryption. Without an SSL certificate, a website is vulnerable to hacking attacks, data breaches, and other security threats.

Your sensitive personal data, such as login credentials and credit card details, can be intercepted by third parties when you use loadtweak.xyz.

Redirects to Malicious Sites

To use the site, users are asked to download some apps/games from sponsors. However, clicking on the ‘verify’ button redirects users to malicious backdoor which pose potential risks. This could lead to malware infestation and annoying pop-up Ads. Similar to lack of SSL encryption, malware infestation causes data leak or breach and could lead to ransomware.

What to Do if you accessed loadtweak.xyz

It’s important you take the following steps to protect your data from frauds that might occur due to accessing loadtweak.xyz.

Defense in Depth – Add multiple layers of security measures to protect your email account. For example, I personally login to my email account using a Passkey ( Biometric from my finger or my face capture). This is because email accounts is of utmost importance. It can often be used to reset passwords or otherwise hijack any service where you’re using that email as a point of contact.

Scan Your Device with a Malware Checker Tool

There’s a likelihood that your device has been infested by malware or spyware after visiting Usps.baa. Scanning your device with a malware removal tool will detect and remove any viruses, spyware, or other malicious programs. See best malware device tools here

Use a Good Password Manager – Password managers ensure you don’t use one password for more than one service or account. They also suggest passwords with a strong strength in order to fight against brute force attacks (password guessing by attackers).

Embrace two-factor authentication for important accounts – Aside from protecting your email account with multiple layers of security you can do the same for your banking apps, ecommerce accounts, etc. You can either use an authenticator app and/or hardware key such as a Yubikey instead of SMS text message.

The Bottom Line

loadtweak.xyz is a malicious website that uses fake promise of Snapchat profile access to launch malware into people’s devices. Don’t fall for its fake promise! The features it promise are illegal and can lead to jail term if one is caught.

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By Judith Davidson

I am Judith Davidson, a Cyber Security Professional. I am the founder, Investigator and Author of Snoopviews.com. I started working as a Cyber Fraud Researcher in 2019 when I saw lots of people falling victims to fraudulent websites pretending to sell disinfectants, masks and wipes during the Covid19 pandemic. Since then, I've saved millions of people from online scams.

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