The Stealthplate Defender Spray is currently trending online under different brand names. This spray, which is aggressively marketed is said to render license plate number invisible by altering the numbers.

It claims to be an ultimate shield protection against speed cameras, red light cameras, and photo radars. However, when we did our research and investigation we discovered it’s not what it claims to be.

This article provides evidence that proves the Stealthplate Defender Spray is a falsely advertised product.

What the Stealthplate Defender Spray Claims to do;

Various Ads claim this product works by using advanced optical technology to shield license plates from traffic cameras. It allegedly reflects and absorbs the specific light wavelength used by these cameras and make license plates invisible to both infrared and flash photography.

The Ads show images of license plate numbers becoming distorted under camera after being sprayed Stealthplate Defender.

What it actually does;

  • Works as just a coating spray that keeps the license plate shiny
  • Stops license plates from looking old

Exposing The False Marketing Scam

The Stealthplate Defender doesn’t protect or hide license plate numbers from traffic cameras or any camera of whatever sort.  There’s no way to avoid having your plate read by License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. A general rule of thumb is if a plate can be seen by the human eye, then it’ll be able to read it too.

If there’s a slim chance that it does work, such a product is illegal.  Once a traffic officer notices that your vehicle’s license tag can not be read, you get pulled over and cited for all sorts of violations. You would be cuffed, searched, and maybe jailed while your car is towed and impounded for being illegally on the road.

This is because ”Law in every state prohibits the use of any registration plate covers, .. includes any attempts to distort the recorded image of a vehicle’s registration plate.”

Meanwhile, back in 2004 or so, a similar product surfaced online, which was called ‘Photoblocker’. Various testings by revealed it doesn’t work.

After running the California plate past our red light camera and photo radar, in photos the plate looked slightly brighter than its untreated sibling. But the numbers remained clearly legible. PhotoBlocker-coated Michigan and Colorado plates were indistinguishable from uncoated versions and our cameras remained equally unfazed.


Debunking the FDA Approval Claims

The different websites selling this product display a variety of badges including one allegedly from FDA. This is pure deception as the US Food and Drug Administration does not and cannot approve an illegal product. Moreover, when we browsed through the list of FDA approved sprays, there was no mention of Stealthplate Defender or the following names it’s sold under –

DriveFree Stealthplate Defender, Seurico Stealthplate Defender, KISSHI Stealthplate Defender Spray, SentinelPro™ StealthPlate Defender, etc.

The Bottom Line

The Stealthplate Defender Spray does not do what it claims to do. It cannot shield your license plate from traffic cameras or render the numbers invisible. This product is actually a waterproof sticker and a coating spray. Don’t fall for the fake promises.

If you’ve placed an order for this product, you should consider doing the following;

  • Cancel the order via the website were you placed an order
  • Request for a refund

If the merchant insists on sending the product, immediately contact your bank and file a fraud complaint. That way you can recover your money back.

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By Judith Davidson

I am Judith Davidson, a Cyber Security Professional. I am the founder, Investigator and Author of I started working as a Cyber Fraud Researcher in 2019 when I saw lots of people falling victims to fraudulent websites pretending to sell disinfectants, masks and wipes during the Covid19 pandemic. Since then, I've saved millions of people from online scams.

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