AI robot at chargers game

Yes, the ai robots at the Chargers’ season opener game on September 11 2023 are real. The robots were part of a promotional awareness for the upcoming Disney science fiction movie ‘The Creator‘. Sitting with fans at the SoFi stadium, the AI robots became the talk of the game. Especially as only a handful of people have actually seen AI human-like robots in real life.

How Were The AI Robots Controlled?

There’s no information yet on how the robots were controlled. It could either be remotely by a team of technicians or pre-programmed to respond to cues. However, what is clear is that those robots were not the product of CGI or elaborate illusions. They were real physical robots that sit with spectators during the Chargers – Dolphin game at SoFi Stadium.

What’s the Creator’ Movie Promoted by the AI About?

The upcoming Disney movie ‘The Creator’ which is set to release on 29th of September 2023 is not a Star Wars movie. It is about a future war between the human race and the forces of artificial intelligence. In the movie, Joshua, an ex-special forces agent is given the task to hunt down and kill the Creator (the person who built the advanced AI).


The ai robots at the Chargers games were real not fake. They were there to create awareness for Disney’s upcoming movie ‘The Creator’. They are not humans acting like AI, but real AI robots either controlled remotely or pre-programmed.

By Judith Davidson

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