Isabella Gardner Museum

Yes, Isabellas have a free lifetime access to Isabella Steward Gardner Museum. The museum which was formerly a Venetian palace in the middle of Boston, displays impressive, eclectic collection of European, American and Asian art, including sculpture, paintings, furniture, ceramics and textiles.

Aside from the free admission day which is on the first Thursday of every month from 3pm -9pm, people who bear ‘Isabella’ have a lifetime admission to the museum for Free.

How To Claim Your Free Lifetime Admission To Isabella Steward Gardner Museum

You only need a Valid ID to claim your lifetime free admission to the museum. However, you’d need to book a reservation for your visit, 24hrs prior to the day. You can do this by contacting the box office via (617) 278-5156.

Things You Should Know About The Gardner Museum

  • It’s owned by Isabella Gardner an American art collector, philanthropist, and patron of the arts in the style of a 15th-century Venetian palace.
  • The museum was built in 1898–1901, and opened to the public in 1903
  • On 1990, the museum was robbed by two burglars, and the case remains unsolved till today.
  • The Gardner museum robbery is the biggest art heist in history
  • The Isabella Gardner museum is famous for its intimate atmosphere in which its works of art are displayed, and for its flower-filled courtyard.
  • It takes not more than two hours to tour the museum

Do’s and Don’ts of Isabella Steward Gardner Museum

  • You’re not allowed to visit with tripods or selfie sticks
  • Professional or personal photo/video shoots are not allowed
  • You can only take non-flash photos or video of works of art and the galleries for your personal enjoyment, but not for commercial use.
  • You shouldn’t touch the art, furniture, or decorative objects.
  • Use of mobile devices is permitted in the Museum for data and research

End Note

Yes, Isabellas have a free lifetime admission to Isabella Steward Gardner Museum. However, they must come with a valid ID that bears the name, and also make reservation at least 24hrs before the day of visit. See other interesting places to visit here

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