The picture of the giant of Kandahar of 1923 is fake, not real! Don’t let the picture making rounds online trick you. It’s a photoshopped gigantic humanoid, not a real Giant from Afghanistan. The picture was first posted on a Facebook page and then later on a Reddit Thread called ‘FakeHistoryPorn‘. Members of the thread have pointed it out as photoshopped.

Why It’s Fake

A close look at the image show a lot of inconsistencies peculiar with photoshopped images.

the giant of kandahar 1923

First of all, a close look at where the “Giants ” legs come down , it’s right leg, from basically his knee down to the ground is non existent. It’s not possible that the little kid standing in front of that part of its leg would be able to block or cover its entire calf or bottom part of its leg. Secondly, even its left foot which is supposed to be seen is nowhere in sight. Thirdly, the giant though backing the sun has no shadow. So it is certainly the work of photoshop or user generated ai image.

The Real Truth About The Giant of Kandahar

The giant of Kandahar is a myth that started in 2002 without any evidence, or research. It is said that when American troops were in Afghanistan, they saw this giant creature. Later on, the troops went missing, and America sent several individuals to the region to look for them. These individuals allegedly encountered the Giant of Kandahar and attempted to shoot and kill him. It’s said that they won. However, the giant of Kandahar story has been labelled a ‘Hoax’ and ‘Myth’ as it wasn’t confirmed by the US military.

By Judith Davidson

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