'Human crab skeleton by Edward

This image of a crab-like human skeleton has been making rounds on the internet. But it isn’t real. It is said that the skeleton was recovered from the “Le Lanchon experiments” on human evolution. However, this is false.

Here’s Why The Human Crab Skeleton Isn’t Real

The ‘crab-like’ human skeleton is an art project created by Eduardo Valdés-Hevia through Photoshop. He originally created it in November 2021. You can watch the livestream here. When he shared the image on X in August 2023, it went viral and was shared with false theories.

As can be seen in the image below, he clearly stated on Twitter that it is an art project made with photoshop, not an experiment from Le Lanchon.

Eduardo makes spooky images on Photoshop, which are certified False by Snopes. 

Do Humans Evolve Into Crabs?

Humans do not evolve into crabs. However, it is something that has happened multiple times in the crustacean family, and now there’s a special term for it: carcinization.

Frog crabs (Raninidae) are one unusual example. Features of the crab body plan were also lost en route to almost-legless Puerto Rican sand crabs (Emerita portoricensis) and various lop-sided hermit crabs 

Why evolution keeps crafting and shafting the crab-like body plan remains but a mystery.

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